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Property Maintenance

Coordinating maintenance work at a property you do not live at can be a headache. Let us take this weight off your shoulders so that you can enjoy the benefits of a rental income – without having to deal with contractors.

Property Maintenance Services for Rental Properties

Regular Inspections

To ensure your property stays in the best condition, we’ll conduct inspections on a bi-annual basis. This not only helps us identify preventative maintenance issues, but it also gives us the chance to confirm that your property is being taken care of by your tenants.

After each inspection, we’ll make sure to bring any issues to your attention and coordinate all necessary maintenance work.

General Maintenance

Like any property, general maintenance is often required throughout the year.

Our exceptional network of suppliers can provide a full suite of services as required – and we’ll always get your approval first before signing off on any maintenance work.


In the event of an emergency such as property damage or a water leak, tenants can call our dedicated 24/7 energency line to receive immediate assistance from a real person.

We’ll then arrange for a contractor or supplier to complete any emergency repairs as required.

Calgary’s Property Maintenance Company

Why work with RLG as your property maintenance company?

Protect the longevity of your property

Regular and preventative maintenance work helps to safeguard the integrity, value, and longevity of your property.

Enjoy the peace of mind

We’ve been working with our trusted network of contractors and suppliers for decades – let us handle the maintenance work so that you can relax.

Gain a trusted rental partner

With over 30 years of experience in property management, the team at RLG is ready to be your dedicated, reliable, and responsive rental partner for the long run.

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