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Resources and Help for Current Tenants

We want you to feel comfortable and welcome throughout your tenancy. Here are some additional resources you may find helpful.

Maintenance Requests

If there is anything in the property that needs to be fixed or repaired, you can easily submit a maintenance request by signing into the Tenant Portal on our website.


In the event of an emergency such as property damage or a water leak, you can always call our dedicated 24/7 emergency line at 403-244-6944 to receive immediate assistance from a real person.

We’ll then arrange for a contractor or supplier to complete any emergency repairs as required.

End of Lease

Before your lease is up, we will check in with you to see if you wish to continue renting. If you’d like to stay, we will begin preparations for the renewal of your lease agreement.

If you would like to leave, we can help you prepare to move out by making arrangements for any required cleaning and maintenance. Once you have vacated the premises, we will also complete a move-out inspection. This is to ensure that the property is in a comparable condition as to when you moved in.

You can find our move-out check list here.